What is it?

Clay Pigeon Shooting otherwise known as Clay Target Shooting or in years gone by as inanimate bird shooting is a sport recognised globally and features as one of the Olympic sports. People use shotguns in an attempt to successfully target and hit moving targets made of clay that are launched through the air in various directions, speeds and angles to mimic the natural actions of real birds that were once and or are still hunted.

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How did it come about?

Before man landed on the moon and invented the internet, people liked to hunt all manner of things including those in the air! This was fine for certain people with money, means and land to do so assuming that they did not over “hunt” just as in the modern day people can “over fish”.
Some people however did not have the land, money or means to hunt in such a fashion and even those that did may have over hunted in a particular area or become tired of waiting around for hours for the chance to shoot one bird.
This is an extremely crude and basic backdrop to the pressures that started to build up before the birth of an early “Clay Pigeon Shooting” concept where by attempts were made to replicate the thrill of hunting without actually having any live targets to shoot at. The first attempts at this involved glass spheres that were launched through the air at speed in an attempt to challenge or entertain any wood be hunter.

What relevance does it have today?

Today, as in the years gone by, not that much has changed. There are still those that are willing and able to pay many thousands of pounds for the chance to shoot at a particular bird (also known as game shooting) while in season. As such, the same core principles that gave birth to the sport all those years ago still exist today. It has evolved culturally and technologically to encompass many more people, women and children included, that normally have no interest in hunting what so ever as well as keen hunters alike.
The sport has grown into a global phenomenon and as well as being an Olympic sport , also echoes across the world in the form of thousands of localised clay shoots where people can enjoy the sporting activity regardless of their physical ability, fitness, sex or age and enjoy not only a celebrated past time but also have some fun at the same time!
  • Why?

    People choose to do Clay Pigeon Shooting for many different reasons which can be professional, personal, physical, ethical or simply to just have some fun! There are those that simply enjoy the activity of shooting as a form of entertainment or as a sport that stimulates the body and mind. It can provide a great platform for people to socialise, exercise, focus their mind, relieve stress and enhance their hand eye co-ordination while taking part in a traditional British past time.
  • When?

    The beauty of Clay Pigeon Shooting is that there is such a broad selection of shooting clubs across the country. In theory one should be able to enjoy/practice shooting either at their own leisure at a club or at an organised event. This transcends hunting seasons as its Clay discs you’re shooting at and not live targets! So whether it is July sunny afternoon or a rainy December morning you have no excuse not to get involved! Time to yell ‘PULL!’
  • How?

    At London Clay Shooting, we specialise in making the sport accessible to one and all. We have no pre-dispositions and can accommodate anybody regardless (physical ability and safety influences permitting). We are keen to introduce the activity to as many people as possible create a greater element of fun and energy into the already buzzing activity.
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