Frequently Asked Questions….

Are we allowed to bring a pet along with us on the day?

No, for safety reasons. Sadly not.

Are we allowed to take pictures while we are there?

Yes, so long as this doesn’t interfere with your shooting or other customers. Ask a member of staff at the time if in doubt.

Can I go out and shoot unaccompanied?

If booking one of our packages it is very likely that you haven’t shot before and are not in possession of a shotgun license. As such you will always been in the company of an individual qualified to look after you at all times.

Can people that arent paying customers/shooting come along with those that are shooting to either accompany or watch?

Yes, spectators from friends and family are more than welcome to join you while you shoot.

Can we split packages that we have purchased either directly from you or via a third party?

No, unfortunatley we dont allow this.

Do I need to book?

Yes; via or any relevant third party you have spoken to.

Do I need to bring hearing or eye protection when I attend?

No, all safety equipment as well as all other necessary steps for our customers safety have been taken into account and catered for.

Do you accept credit and/or debit card?


Do you have refreshments available throughout the day?

Yes, we do.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes we do.

Does shooting hurt? A friend of mine said it did!

No. Definitely not. If a gun is mounted correctly and used in the right way there should never be any pain. At the shooting grounds we frequent they also use a lighter 21g or 24g load of cartridge which makes the experience even more comfortable. We also make sure all club guns are fitted with additional cushioning. Padded jackets are also on hand where required/requested.

How do I get to you via public transport?

Underground Stations: The Piccadilly Line to Cockfosters or Oakwood station followed by a 5 minute cab journey, which are available at the underground station.

Main Line Stations: Hertford North Line (From Kings Cross) to Gordon Hill (cab office outside the station) 3-5 Min cab journey. Enfield Town Line (from Liverpool St) Cab office outside the station, approximately 10 minute cab journey.

I’ve heard the guns are heavy, is this true?

The guns, like anything, can become heavy if held for a long time. However, all customers will have an instructor accompanying them at all times which will take the weight of the gun while you shoot if and when you ever find it uncomfortable to hold. This will not interfere with you’re shooting experience but will ensure you’re able to enjoy yourself without getting tired!

I’ve never handled or shot a gun before. Is this a problem?

No, we specialise in looking after novices and complete beginners and as such your lack of experience will not be an issue at all! We take care of everything.

If we have booked to come and shoot and on the day the weather is terrible, can we get a refund?

Sadly not! Clay Pigeon Shooting is based outdoors and we’re well equipped to ensure that your day goes ahead in any weather! Shooting stands are covered over as standard and paths are concrete/or graveled so mud wont be an issue. We also have a healthy selection of umbrellas!

Is there a dress code? What should I wear?

Our events are designed to be relaxed and open to all so please don’t feel as though you have to dress up or come suited and booted in a particular fashion! We literally invite you to come over in whatever you are comfortable in on the day depending on the weather. The grounds we use all have concrete paths and sheltered stands so although wellies will look they wont be needed!

Is there an age limit?

All ages are welcome, no upper or lower limit depending on physical ability on the day.

What is your cancellation policy?

We need 7 days notice to cancel your booking prior to arranged clay shooting experience. If it is past that period, we are more than happy to reschedule your booking providing there is a clear 48 hours notice.